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Discover China

Starting at 7,500 Vacation Club Points
9 Days | 15 Meals

Delve into the culture of Beijing and Shanghai during this 7 night tour. While in Beijing, take in the quiet pleasure of lunch with a local family at home in the Hutongs walk on the Great Wall. Explore historic Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Indulge in dim sum, learn dumpling making and savor a hot pot dinner. Explore the sites of Shanghai’s Yuyun gardens and Tian Zi Fang district. Ride aboard the world famous MagLev train and take in a spectacular acrobatic show. Immerse yourself in the beauty of ancient sites and the bustle of modern cosmopolitan cities during your discovery of China.

Tour Highlights

  • -
    Discover the ancient techniques and cultural importance of silk production.
  • -
    Savor a traditional Peking Duck dinner - made famous over 200 years ago.
  • -
    Visit the Hutong home of a local family where they will teach you the art of dumpling making.
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    Experience a hands-on market tour and culinary class that reveals the secrets of Chinese cuisine.
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    Explore China's modern side as you ride the high-speed Mag Lev train in Shanghai.


7,500 Vacation Club Points | 9 Days | 15 Meals

Day 1: Overnight Flight

Set out for China, which today rests at the intersection of a traditional past and a dynamic future. There has never been a more interesting time to visit this energetic nation.

Day 2: Beijing, China - Tour Begins

Your journey begins in Beijing, one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Over the next several days experience the beauty and intrigue of this ancient city that remains both the political and cultural heart of the country.

Day 3: Beijing

Ease your way into the local culture as your Tour Manager teaches you a few key phrases of the native language. Then, delve into China’s rich history with a visit to Tiananmen Square, one of the largest public spaces in the world. Next, visit the Forbidden City, an awe-inspiring palace complex that was the home to 24 Chinese Emperors over the course of almost 500 years. Pause to savor an authentic Beijing lunch. Then, visit a silk factory and discover how traditional artisans create the luxurious fabric. This evening, join your fellow travelers for a welcome dinner of Imperial cuisine at Courtyard Restaurant, featuring Peking Duck.

Today breakfast , lunch and dinner will be included.

Day 4: The Great Wall

No trip to China would be complete without experiencing The Great Wall. Take in the grandeur of your surroundings as you visit the picturesque Juyongguan section and walk along the wall itself. Sweeping vistas and incredible engineering feats can be seen in all directions. Next, explore the local culture with a visit to a jade workshop...learn how local artists create these masterpieces.

Today breakfast and lunch will be included.

Day 5: Beijing

This morning, venture to the Temple of Heaven where the emperor came twice each year to thank the gods for a bountiful harvest and to pray for the new season. After your private Thai Chi lesson, interact with the locals doing their morning exercises. Soak in the culture of this communal space while other citizens of the city play cards or board games nearby. Afterwards, come to know ancient Beijing during a traditional rickshaw tour through its narrow streets and alleys. With help from an interpreter, you will learn about a local family’s history and way of life when you share lunch with them in their Hutong home. They will even teach you the art of traditional dumpling making. Next, visit a Chinese calligraphy master and learn how to write in this ancient art. Complete your visit with a traditional tea ceremony. This evening you may choose the option to have dinner, enjoy a Peking Opera and stroll down Wangfujing Street.

Today breakfast and lunch will be included.

Day 6: Beijing

There’s no better way to explore a culture than through its food. Begin your day with an interactive Chinese cooking class at the Jinshong Cooking School. Visit a local market; learn about traditional ingredients and the skill involved in Chinese cuisine as you create a Chinese specialty with a local chef. For lunch, experience traditional Mongolian barbeque at a local restaurant. Next, marvel at the intricate design and contemplative atmosphere of the Lama Temple, one of the world’s most important Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. Tonight, enjoy sophisticated Sichuan cuisine.

Today breakfast , lunch and dinner will be included.

Day 7: Beijing - Shanghai

After breakfast get ready to travel to Shanghai. Take a morning flight from Beijing to Shanghai’s modern Pudong airport. Upon arrival, board the Mag Lev train where magnetic levitation technology allows you to reach speeds over 260 mph! You may also choose to travel to Xian to see the Terra Cotta Warriors en route to Shanghai.

Today breakfast will be included.

Day 8: Shanghai

Begin your day with a visit to the Shanghai Museum. Explore Old Town’s narrow streets, relax in the tranquility of the Yuyuan Gardens and stroll along the pride of Shanghai, The Bund. Complete your amazing adventure with a viewing of the famous Shanghai acrobatics show and a farewell dinner sampling nouvelle Shanghainese cuisine.

Today breakfast , lunch and dinner will be included.

Day 9: Shanghai - Tour Ends

Your tour comes to an end in Shanghai.

Today breakfast will be included.

Tour Options (USD)

Peking Opera and Wangfujing Street $120

City: Beijing

Begin your night out on the town with a lavish pre-theater multi-course dinner at one of Beijing’s top restaurants. Next, proceed to a renowned Beijing opera house for a performance of China’s Peking Opera, a national treasure that dates back over 200 years. This synthesis of stylized action and singing, dialogue and mime, and acrobatic fighting and dancing represents a unique form of storytelling. In Peking Opera there are four main types of roles: male, young female, painted face male, and clown (male or female). The characters may be loyal or treacherous, beautiful or ugly, good or bad, with their personas being vividly manifested. The Peking Opera’s repertoire mainly revolves around fairy tales of preceding dynasties, important historical events, emperors, ministers and generals. The performance is accompanied by a tune played on wind, percussion, and stringed instruments. As the traditional Chinese patterns are adopted, the graceful and usually handcrafted costumes are of a high aesthetic value. After your show, enjoy an evening constitutional with a stroll down the bustling Wangfujing Street. A dream for foodies, this market offers an endless variety of traditional Chinese snacks as well as exotic finds.

Your transportation is included

Please Note a minimum of 10 is required.

Duration: approximately 5 hour(s).


Tour Upgrades

Order Type Description No of Nights Price (USD)
Pre Hotel Hotel: JW Marriott Hotel Beijing 0 $200
Post Hotel Hotel: JW Marriott Hotel Shanghai at Tomorrow Square 0 $200

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Know Before You Go

Passport & Visa Information

Certain countries require a minimum of 6 months passport validity. You are strongly urged to contact the appropriate consulate for details.


We recommend that our clients travelling abroad take a photocopy of their passport and applicable visas. It should be packed separately from your actual passport and visa. We also recommend leaving a copy at home with your emergency contact.

Please Note

Order of days in China may change.

To complete your tour, we include roundtrip airport-to-hotel transfers when purchasing Marriott Vacation Club airfare with your tour. If you have arranged for your own air, we are pleased to provide you the option of purchasing these transfers. Please note that all transfers will leave at prescheduled times.

We pride ourselves on bringing travelers the very best experiences a destination offers. Our itineraries include many activities and may consist of walking on uneven terrain or significant walking at times. Some of the most unique sightseeing can mean accessing locations that restrict motor coaches, especially in historic areas. For your comfort, we recommend bringing walking shoes.

Please be advised many airlines do not provide advance seat assignments until check-in at the airport. Advance seating will be subject to the airline's terms and conditions.

Internal flights on this program are not included in the land price. All air including internal flights can be purchased through us.


This tour includes moderate physical activity. The itinerary blends some longer days with shorter days and more leisure time. Walking tours, as well as walking slightly longer distances, up stairs or on uneven walking surfaces should be expected.